11 August 2018

This week, newspaper Slovenske novice (Slovenian News) wrote about Feelif.

Staš Ivanc, a journalist working at the »Slovenian News« newspaper, visited our premises and used the Feelif device. He also visited one of Feelif's earliest users, Damijan Vizjak. You can read an excerpt here, but for the full article (in Slovenian) you can follow the link below.

On his device he loves to play Feelif games. »I like playing Memory, Farm game and Battleships«, as he quickly demonstrates how the device works. Fingers glide over the screen and feel the vibrations and the dots on the overlay grid. »I can also listen to some music on Youtube« Damian adds. The Android tablet device can already guide blind and visually impaired users with the talk-back function, but the Feelif software upgrades the useability and gives them an even better experience. Damian uses the english talk-back, as »the slovenian talk-back«, as he humorously puts it, »sounds like a robot«. And I agree, it does sound terrible. »Without the talk-back I can't do anything. Now I have the english talk-back, and I am getting used to it«.

You can read the full article (in Slovenian) HERE.

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