Frequently asked questions

1) What is Feelif?

Feelif is our social innovation invented under strong impression and faith that we can help blind and visually impaired people to use smart devices for reading, writing, learning and expressing their creativity. It is a multimedia device which enables them to feel shapes on a standard touch screen. Feelif is a special app plus a transparent grid for orientation on the screen surface. A combination of vibrations and voice adds to the Feelif experience. With Feelif you can feel shapes (square, heart etc.), geometric functions, draw, learn Braille, watch interactive stories, express yourself, play games, create content, share/sell/buy content.

2) What problem/pain are you solving?

Current equipment for blind and visually impaired is expensive and/or one dimensional. Modern tools are very expensive, rather big to carry around. Braille Line enables them to read only one line of text, with it they cannot feel shapes. Braille display, enables them to feel shapes, but it costs 50.000 EUR. None of existing devices enables them to be creative (to draw in digital form, feel shapes, feel drawings, ...)

Playing board games online is difficult and time consuming for them. Learning with support devices is rather slow, not interactive and not fun. Blind or visually impaired persons have a problem to get a job and earn money. One parent (usually mother) is in most cases unemployed or partly employed. Mathematical teachers have problems to show them graphical functions.

Social innovation Feelif was developed with blind and visually impaired, with which they can–for the first time–feel shapes on a standard touch screens. Our technology opens new possibilities for them how and for which purpose they can use smart devices. The technology empowers them through education, own content creation and own sales combined with fostering the creativity of blind and visually impaired.

3) Our main motto, mission

Feelif is a social innovation developed for the blind and visually impaired from all over the world. With Feelif, we cover the fields of education and entertainment. We are improving the integration of blind and visually impaired people into the world of sighted and increasing accessibility to digital content.

Our mission is to empower the blind and visually impaired through user’s friendly and adapted information and communications technology, and foster and support their creativity - enable the blind and visually impaired to flourish creativity in areas which have not been available until now.

The enabler of our mission is our disruptive innovation Feelif Creator for digital education and entertainment for the target group. The developed technology opens new possibilities in the use of smart devices from the blind and visually impaired. Feelif Creator is an adapted smart tablet with special app and transparent grid on the screen, with the combination of unique multisensory digital content bringing the Feelif experience – modern ICT answering to the needs of the target group.

The most important factor to assure the desired impact will be our Open Platform = build a community and unite all stakeholders: teachers, parents and caretakers of the blind and visually impaired, the blind and visually impaired, software developers and content creators. Are working together, empowered by disruptive Feelif technology, for the benefits of the blind and visually impaired.

4) What changes brings Feelif in the world?

Our Idea comes from the problems that blind and visually impaired have:
  • Learning devices for the blind and visually impaired are lagging behind the current state of technology.
  • No multisensory haptic digital games for the blind and visually impaired available – focus on game-based learning to make the learning experience richer and more interesting.
  • Existing solutions are extremely expensive.
  • One-dimensionality of existing devices: you can get one kind of sensory feedback → e.g. one line of text in the Braille line.
  • Other devices are not interactive: Feelif’s multisensory feedback.
  • Limited mobility of existing solutions: rather big to carry around, whereby Feelif adapts regular smart tablets for the special needs of the blind and visually impaired.
Problems have been identified based on intensive work with the blind and visually impaired and key partners / experts:
  • 100+ tests;
  • more than 2 years of research & development.
Our solution is our innovation, Feelif.

5) Who are our customers and why should they buy our product?

There are 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide. According to our calculation based on the data from the US National Federation of the Blind we have 161 million of potential customers. We are targeting at first USA, EU, CANADA with 20 million potential customers and later LATIN AMERICA with 14 million potential customers.

Our B2C customers are:
  • blind and visually impaired adults,
  • blind and visually impaired children and youth,
  • parents and/or caretakers of blind and visually impaired children,
  • teachers of blind and visually impaired.
Our B2B customers are:
  • educational institutions for blind and visually impaired,
  • associations and other organizations working with blind and visually impaired,
  • insurance companies paying through social security schemes for solutions for blind and visually impaired,
  • institutions introducing solutions to adapt to the needs of blind and visually impaired (e. g. museums),
  • private companies selling and/or producing solutions for blind and visually impaired,
  • private entities caring for social responsibility and implementing technologies for blind and visually impaired.
We will build a community of users and unite all stakeholders through Feelif Open Platform. Benefits for users:
  • improving cognitive skills,
  • training fine motor skills,
  • education is fun: game-based learning,
  • social inclusion – networking on our Open Platform,
  • multisensory game and educational content experience,
  • empowerment of blind and visually impaired through own content creation,
  • pure entertainment: games, crosswords, interactive stories.

6) What are our competitive advantages?

Our main competitive advantage factors are:

1. Knowing user’s needs and ease-of-use

All content and usage of Feelif is defined with experts working with blind and visually impaired. We are the first global provider of multisensory digital games and educational content for the blind and visually impaired on smart devices.

2. Enables constant innovation/upgrades with new and new content

Our solution has high potential for further development (described below under "Intended improvement potential over time") – each day new ideas for multisensory content are popping up.

3. Much more affordable solution as of "competition"

The blind and visually impaired have challenges to provide for their wellbeing what highly depends on their social environment. Solution Feelif is at least 10 times cheaper to any other "comparable" solution.

4. Patent-pending technology

5. Functionalities of smart devices

Feelif device uses the usability and advantages of smart devices.
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