Feelif, feeling life


What is Feelif?

Feelif is a a whole new way for the blind and visually impaired to explore and engage with the digital world. Play, Learn, Create, Communicate. Feelif’s mission is to help the blind and visually impaired to become digitally sighted.

How does Feelif work?

At the heart of Feelif devices is a special tactile grid which enables the user to literally feel what is on the screen. Using a combination of vibration, sound and visual information the user can start to become digitally sighted.

Our content is developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. We have created and continue to create multi-sensory content and develop a wide range of applications from entertainment to education to the everyday use. Play games make drawings, take photos and feel everything you do.

Feelif devices for the blind and visually impaired are based on the Android OS. Alongside the whole range of Feelif applications the device can be used like any other smart phone or tablet. Web browsing, calls, checking emails.

The vibrations of your Feelif device interact when your finger is on the touchscreen. If there is something that the user can interact with the device will alert them using vibration. Different vibrations for different content.

Speech assistance describes to the user what is on the screen. Sound is also used to help build up an image. For example different colours can be represented by different instruments, different notes can be used to differentiate direction of movement and realistic sounds can help to make connections between sounds and what makes that sound e.g. when interacting with a picture of a car the Feelif device says ‘car’ and then plays the noise of a car engine.

How do I use Feelif?

Feelif is easy to use and the basics can be learnt in just a few minutes. Using Feelif Launcher accessed by double tapping on the home button you can access the Feelif Tactile Books, games and tools. You can interact with Feelif using the five main gestures outlined in our How Feelif Works section.

What can I do with Feelif?

You can feel shapes, pictures, diagrams, graphs, and photos. You can read and create multi-sensory content - tactile books, what we like to call FeelBooks. FeelBook Maker allows sighted users to create their own tactile books for the blind and visually impaired.

You can draw, be as creative as you want and then share your masterpieces with others via e-mail. You can play games, challenge yourself, your Feelif or your friends. You can learn Braille. You can explore graphs, maths, improve fine motor skills, boost cognitive skills, improve spatial orientation and so much more. Sighted people can also do all of these things as well and our multiplayer options in some of our games allows the sighted to play games with the blind and visually impaired.

Can I use Feelif as a phone or a tablet?

The answer is yes, of course. Feelif devices enable you to make and receive phone calls, send messages and stay in touch. They also offer the functionality of an Android device. Just pop a SIM in to the provided slot and away you go.

Can I get Feelif on an Apple device?

Currently there is no option for our software to be used on Apple devices.

How long does it take to learn to use Feelif?

This obviously varies from person to person but most of the time the basics can be learnt in a few minutes. The more time you spend with your Feelif the more you will experience and the richer the experience will be.

Can I create my own content for Feelif?

The blind and visually impaired can use our Draw application to create, feel and explore their own drawings. Feelif Pro comes pre-installed with FeelBook Maker. FeelBook Maker allows sighted people to create their own content for Feelif devices. FeelBook Maker allows teachers, parents and other sighted people to create educational, creative or interactive content for the blind and visually impaired.

How can Feelif be used to facilitate interaction between sighted and blind and visually impaired people?

All the games and educational content designed for the blind are also there to be enjoyed by sighted people. All the information is still shown on the tablet screen visually.

Feelif devices are built to facilitate the inclusion of the blind and visually impaired. Feelif devices can be used by everybody. They are easy to learn and there are  multiplayer options on all of our games. Educational apps are developed to encourage cooperation between the sighted, the blind and the visually impaired. A great example is Feelif Draw. The sighted person can draw a picture which a blind or visually impaired person can then feel and explore.

Can I clean the special tactile grid?

Yes, the grid is removable and you can clean it with water (make sure it’s dry it before you place it back on your Feelif).

We would like to point out that it is suggested for sighted people to change the transparent relief grid, as the relief grid should be calibrated with the screen when you put it back on the Feelif device.

Which applications can I get and what do they do?

With Feelif Gamer you will get our games, tools and tactile books.

Feelif Creator includes the same content as the Gamer but with additional educational content.

Feelif Pro comes with all of our content as well as FeelBook Maker which allows you to create your own tactile books.

As future content is developed they will be automatically downloaded to your Feelif with the latest software updates to your device. To enable automatic updates, your Feelif needs to be connected to the WiFi. All available content is shown in the Tactile Books, games and tools section.

What age groups is Feelif for?

Our devices and content are for users of all ages. Check out the rest of the site to find out what Feelif can do.