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Feelif for museums, education and businesses

Feelif is currently being used with great success in museums, where its technology enables blind and visually impaired visitors to literally feel a visual artwork. It is also used in schools to help educate blind and visually impaired children and provide them with a more inclusive experience. It can be used in any business where the aim is to be truly inclusive. Embrace the change.


How could Feelif help you?

Museums and galleries

Museums see a huge added value in Feelif for their business. They get better accessibility for the blind and visually impaired, more visitors and a great reputation of being inclusive and innovative, as nobody ever had the possibility to have such a multisensory art experience before we created our technology. With Feelif blind people, from children to grown-ups, have the best possible user experience.

Public spaces


Feelif enables blind and visually impaired students to learn in whole new ways. Through sound and vibration students are enable to engage with educational content and learn more. Create and adapt your own educational content or work with us to develop the content you need.



Every business should be inclusive. Feelif offers a great way for you to improve the way you do business with your blind and  visually impaired visitors and make sure that they get the best possible experience. Whether you are a small business, an NGO or a corporation we can help.

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We love to talk about Feelif so get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss how Feelif can have a positive impact on what you do. We can also guide you through the process of implementing Feelif and make sure you get the best deals on our Feelif devices.

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Discover Feelif Pro

The Feelif Pro

The most popular Feelif for education, public spaces and business. Feelif Pro has our  largest screen and highest resolution. It also includes FeelBook maker which allows you to create your own content specific for the needs of where you work.

Meet Feelif Pro

Feelif Pro

Petra Bole

Director of Radovljica Municipal Museums

We are proud to be the first museum in the world where the blind and visually impaired can feel the exhibit independently and interactively through vibration, voice and realistic sounds.
This multi-sensory experience is also very interesting for sighted visitors. It is in our interest that our content is accessible and interesting to all visitors, which Feelif makes possible.

Petra Bole director

Barbara Dimc

Secretary of the Slovenian Beekeeper's Association 

As part of the project "The Bee Tells a Tale", we upgraded the beekeeping learning path at the Beekeeping Center of Slovenia with Feelif tablets so that it is now also accessible to the blind and visually impaired. We have also developed an innovative approach to ordering food and drinks at the Inn  Pri Čebelici. The blind and partially sighted can now, with the help of the Feelif tablet, independently check the offer. It is a wonderful project that also includes vulnerable groups in the program, to whom we can present beekeeping in a multi-sensory way. We are happy that we can proudly show this project both at home and in the world, and we are an example for many.

logo of Slovenian Beekeeper's Association

Miha Srebrnjak

Blind person

My experience when I looked at the menu on the Feelif tablet was phenomenal. I was able to take my time and explore the whole menu, which was impossible until now, because the waiters often don't have time, and they tell us "quickly" what they offer. In this way, I was able to review the entire offer from the restaurant completely independently and in peace and place my order. I have never had such an experience before, so kudos for the development of this program. This is certainly another step towards making the blind and visually impaired even more independent, as we also visit restaurants.

Miha Srebrnjak exploring the multi-sensory menu

Domen Vogelsang

Director of LTO Rogla-Zreče, GIZ

The company Feelif has prepared a memory game for us, on the topic of the Rogla-Pohorje tourist destination and its attractions. The entire memory game is placed on the Feelif tablet, which is adapted to the blind and partially sighted, with which we achieved that even vulnerable groups of visitors get to know our destination in an interesting and fun way. The cooperation was very professional, they immediately understood our wishes and approached technical solutions. We also collaborated with their design team, who expertly took our corrections into account and also proposed their own design solutions. Communication with the entire team was very professional, they were always available for us on several communication channels and also responded to our messages in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with the work of the entire team and the final product.

memory Rogla Pohorje accessible to the blind

Marko Viduka

Regionally licensed tour guide and business consultant, TURIZEM BOHINJ - Public Institute for the Promotion of Tourism

Turizem Bohinj is a local tourist organization that, together with the Gorenjski Museum, manages 3 museums in Bohinj. Among them is the Oplen Homestead Ecomuseum, a museum of dwelling culture, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021. Feelif and especially Mrs Katarina Pavšek proved to be trustworthy partners in the project, where their goal was to satisfy the client, and above all, the user and participant of the experience. Collaboration and content creation was carried out easily and organically on the project. With exceptional sensitivity and understanding of our specific situation (the Oplen Homestead Ecomuseum is a touchable museum, where the exhibits are not in display cases and can be touched and tactilely sensed), the company, with the Feelif platform, discovered new possibilities for the museum. These new options include all visitors to Oplen House. Everything our team learned on this project through the Feelif platform is just a big plus for our experience with them. We at Turizm Bohinj and the Gorenjski Museum have learned to look with our eyes closed - together with them and through their extraordinary sincerity. Thank you, thank you very much! We look forward to the next projects with you.

Floor plan of Oplenova house on Feelif