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Feelif for education, public spaces and businesses

Feelif is currently being used in schools to help educate blind and visually impaired students. It’s also being used in museums and galleries to help them provide a more inclusive experience. It can be used in any business where the aim is to be truly inclusive. Embrace the change.

How could Feelif help you?


Feelif enables blind and visually impaired students to learn in whole new ways. Through sound and vibration students are enable to engage with educational content and learn more. Create and adapt your own educational content or work with us to develop the content you need.


Public Spaces

Feelif is an ideal way to make sure all your visitors get the best possible experience. Use Feelif to really engage with your blind and visually impaired visitors. Develop new ways for all visitors to explore your public space.

Public spaces


Every business should be inclusive. Feelif offers a great way for you to improve the way you do business with your blind and  visually impaired customers and make sure that they get the best possible experience. Whether you are a small business, an NGO or a corporation we can help.

Want to know more?

We love to talk about Feelif so get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss how Feelif can have a positive impact on what you do. We can also guide you through the process of implementing Feelif and make sure you get the best deals on our Feelif devices.

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Discover Feelif Pro

The Feelif Pro

The most popular Feelif for education, public spaces and business. Feelif Pro has our  largest screen and highest resolution. It also includes FeelBook maker which allows you to create your own content specific for the needs of where you work.

Meet Feelif Pro

Feelif Pro

Barbara Erjavec


I had the opportunity to try Feelif devices with students and myself.  They are innovative products for the blind and visually impaired and can also be used by sighted people. The Feelif devices offer a lot of opportunities; from games that can be played independently or with outside help, to apps for teachers that help explain and present abstract concepts to students. Feelif is a very useful tool for the blind and visually impaired.

Barbara Erjavec