23 December 2021

We are happy to introduce to you two musical FeelBooks; Feelif Piano and Feelif Learning Songs Part 1. We have created a small, but just enough big "piano" which you can play on the Feelif tablet. It has a beautiful voice and each note vibrates differently, so you will be able to distinguish between them. We also selected 6 songs that can be easily played on it. Both FeelBooks are available on our Feelif Platform for all our clients who have Feelif Creator or Feelif Pro. All you need to do is connect the Feelif tablet to Wi-Fi and download both files from the Feelif Platform. And while you will be connected, do not forget to update Feelif apps.
With the help of the FeelBook Feelif learning songs Part 1, you will learn the names of notes on the piano and how to play all 6 songs. FeelBook Feelif Piano, on the other hand, is for those, who want to try to play the piano and the songs without hearing note names.
If you want to hear how the piano sounds, watch the video below.
We hope you will enjoy exploring the Feelif Piano!


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