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What our users have to say

What our users have to say

Mia Koritnik

Mia Koritnik (13 years old)

What I love the most about Feelif is that you can play fun and interesting games and at the same time you can also practice orientation. With Feelif I can draw, learn math and even Braille, which is great. My favorite games are Memory and Battleships.

Maks Koritnik

Maks Koritnik (8 years old)

I love Feelif because I can play with it by myself or with my sister Mia. We are having so much fun! There are so many different games to choose from. My favorite game is Battleships.

Maja Koritnik

Maja Koritnik (mother of a 13 year old blind girl Mia)

Mia is on holidays. It is probably not necessary to point out that Feelif is always with her. She plays Memory eagerly and is trying to be better each time. At highest difficulty she has the time score below a minute already!

Joana Rak

Joana Rak (7 years old)

Memory is the best game ever. I love playing it with Brina and my dad. My favourite category is weather because the sounds are really great.

Jera Rak

Jera Rak (mother of a 7 year old blind girl Joana)

Feelif Memory is an amazing game!!! We are playing it very often, mostly three players together which is more fun. Sixteen cards are just right to remember and Joana follows the game easily. We love the variety of the set, especially Joana. Her favourites are vehicle, kitchen and weather sounds.

Feelif Tic-tac-toe is great for kids. They are able to choose different playing symbols like lion, horse, ghost ...

Joana manages the learning Braille app easily. It is also a great excercise for fine motor skills because of fine movements and repeated pressing on exact spots.

Jure Trbič

Jure Trbič (Piratska stranka Slovenije)

It is a very interesting product with high potencial to be used also in the public administration.
Jure Trbič

Tilen Tomazin

Tilen Tomazin (Inštitut 4.0)

As a technological enthusiast I support you in this noble goal and I wish you (business) success.
Tilen Tomazin


Tadej (visitor of the fair Feel The Future)

Very promising. I hope there will be sufficient market demand!

Elias and Balázs

Elias and Balázs (high school students from Lendava)

Very interesting and useful

Random visitor of the fair Feel The Future

I like Feelif very much because it integrates the blind in all matters of everyday life.

Video testimonial

Damijan Vizjak (10 years old)

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