Feelif, feeling life

How Feelif works

Feelif is all about enabling the blind and visually impaired to become digitally sighted. To enable them to experience the digital world in a whole new way. How?

1. Feelif technology

The Special Tactile Grid

At the heart of Feelif devices is a special tactile grid which enables the user to literally feel what is on the screen. Using a combination of vibration, sound and visual information the user can start to become digitally sighted. The tactile grid is a transparent embossed grid of dots laid over the smart devices screen which with our specialised technology enables the user to literally feel the digital world.

The Special Tactile Grid

Exclusive Feelif Content

Our content is developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. We have created and continue to create multi-sensory content and develop a wide range of applications from entertainment to education to the everyday use. Play games, make drawings, take photos and feel everything you do.

Exclusive Feelif Content

An Android Based Device

Feelif devices for the blind and visually impaired are based on the Android OS. Alongside the whole range of Feelif applications the device can be used like any other smart phone or tablet. Web browsing, calls, checking emails. Feelif means you can stay in touch.

An Android Based Device

Touch, Vibration, Sound

The vibrations of your Feelif device interact when your finger is on the touchscreen. If there is something that the user can interact with the device will alert them using vibration. Different vibrations for different content.

Speech assistance describes to the user what is on the screen. Sound is also used to help build up an image. For example, different colours can be represented by different instruments and different notes can be used to differentiate direction of movement. Realistic sounds can help to make connections between voice description and object on the picture e.g. when interacting with a picture of a car the Feelif device says ‘car’ and then plays the noise of a car engine.

Touch, Vibration, Sound

2. The five gestures of Feelif

Feelif introduces some key gestures to navigate the digital world. In Feelif Launcher, our controlled environment where all our applications can be launched, there are 5 essential gestures.

  • Single tap gives you information about the item on the screen.

  • Double tap selects the item on the screen.

  • Swiping left or right with two fingers will enable you moving through pages and menus.

  • Swiping top to bottom with two fingers will take you back a level.

  • Pressing with all 5 fingers Feelif will tell you exactly what is on the screen.


3. Practice

Practice makes perfect

The basic functionality of Feelif can be learned in only a couple of minutes. With additional practice the user can start to unlock the full capacity of Feelif. The more you use it the more rewarding the experience is, the more detail you feel, the more you understand the digital world.


Find your Feelif

Device warranty
2 years of Samsung standard limited warranty for the hardware devices.

Money-back guarantee
We offer you a risk-free purchase if the device does not suit you for any reason. In this case, you can return the product within 14 days, and we will return the money to you.

Available in 7 languages
Feelif content is available in English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish and Slovenian.

FREE worldwide delivery
We offer you a free worldwide delivery, secured and with tracking.

Monthly payments
Split your purchase with interest FREE monthly payments using our partner Splitit.

To try Feelif out check out the list of available locations here or please do feel free to contact us