Test and train your memory skills with our memory game!

Feelif Memory is the classic sound matching game.

This game is great for enhancing memory and to help you link together words, pictures and corresponding sounds. In this way you can learn all the wonderful sounds, such as train, cat, rain, trees, murmur of the sea waves and lots of others.

The rules are simple. Players can choose easy (4 pairs), medium (6 pairs) and hard levels (8 pairs). Since each card is numbered, you will easily locate its position on the screen with the help of voice, vibration and the special relief grid. By double clicking each card you can reveal what’s on it by hearing the sound.

You can choose between three difficulty levels and check your score against other players around the world.

Choose your favourite category: vehicles, pets, animals, birds, insects, forest, ocean, funny sounds or sounds of the kitchen.

Check out how good is your memory and have fun.

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This game is included on all Feelif devices.

Memory digital game for blind
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