12 November 2021

Feelif supports diversity in society, by consistently demonstrating the principles of equality and inclusion of all members. Only this leads to progress and development.

On November 12, 2021, Feelif became part of the Diversity Charter.

In this light, we are committed to implementing the following principles:

1. We develop an organizational culture based on equal opportunities, mutual respect, acceptance and involvement of diverse employees as
potential for greater innovation, adaptability, organizational development and better social cohesion.

2. We create a diverse and inclusive work environment.
We strive to create a work environment that reflects the diversity of society and actively involve employees while avoiding any
discrimination (direct or indirect) based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, ethnic or social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion or belief,
political or other opinions, belonging to a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation (EU Charter of Fundamental Rights).
Rights, Art. 21, 2010)

3. We respect and disseminate the principles of diversity at all levels of the organization.
We integrate diversity policy at all levels of decision-making, taking into account the three key roles in building an inclusive and harmonious workforce.
• commitment and responsibility,
• communication (inside and outside),
• be a role model.

4. We recognize the diversity of customers.
We know the profiles of our customers and we are aware that following their diverse needs is also a source of innovation and development.

5. We are shaping diversity policy.
We plan annual action measures to promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities, implement these measures and evaluate them regularly. We identify
results that are the result of diversity policy and are reported in the annual report.

6. We spread and communicate our commitment to the Charter and the results of the diversity policy to all our stakeholders.
Stakeholders are invited to join anti-discrimination and diversity promotion activities.


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