In November 2013 Željko Khermayer, an innovator and Feelif’s founder was watching a documentary about deaf-blind people. When he realized how lonely and isolated they are and how unaffordable for them communication devices are, he was deeply moved.  As a bachelor of computer science, CEO and founder of one of Slovenia's most successful IT digital agencies 4WEB he thought that there must be a way to integrate them into society and enable them to communicate efficiently and affordably. He felt that he must solve this problem, because nobody else will.

He thought if he can enable them to use smart phones, then that would solve the communication problem. And smart phones are affordable. But how can a person who cannot see and cannot hear use smartphone? That is how he thought of vibration. That is something that they can feel.

He punched several holes into his business card and placed it over a touchscreen. With his eyes closed he was able to know in which hole his finger is. Is it in first, second, third … And the phone also knew where his finger was. So he created a special Braille alphabet, where instead pins rising up and forming a letter, there are only holes to recognize a letter. One must touch all holes one by one and the phone would vibrate on the holes where in normal Braille raised pins would be. So by knowing which hole one is touching and feeling if the phone is vibrating one can recognize individual letters.

Our first project was the development of a communicator for Db people. While working with the Db we connected with blind and visually impaired people (VI). We realized that with slightly different technology we can help an even larger group of people; that is how the idea of Feelif was born as a device for the blind and VI.

The Feelif Company was founded in 2015 and after two years of hard work of developing the technology, we presented our project to the public.

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