It only takes one person to change the world for a lot of people. Back in November 2013 after watching a TV documentary innovator and Feelif founder Željko Khermayer decided to try and help. What he wanted to do was help blind and visually impaired people communicate more easily and affordably.

He punched holes in his business card and placed it over the touchscreen of his smartphone. Even with his eyes closed he was able to know which hole his finger was in and amazingly his phone also knew where his finger was. From there he created a special form of Braille alphabet where instead of raised pins there were holes and the vibration of the phone.

The Feelif company was founded in 2015. The focus of the company is simple. To develop and produce information systems for the blind and visually impaired. Our aim has always remained the same.

To empower the blind and visually impaired by easily accessing information in the digital form. To help them become digitally sighted.

With vibrations, sound, voice feedback and the relief tactile grid unique to Feelif devices the user can recognise shapes and colours on a touch screen. This patented Feelif technology is a product of our continued research and innovation.

Our mission is to help the blind and visually impaired become digitally sighted.