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We want the blind and visually impaired
to be able to feel digital content.

Use our disruptive technology, feel shapes, graphs,
charts, learn, play games and have fun!


Creating multisensory
content for blind

Boost creativity and
cognitive skills
Learn spatial orientation
Improve fine motor skills
Learn skills necessary for accessing digital content
Game-based learning
Lots of motivation and praise
Play with others, even on-line
Multisensory digital content special adopted for blind and visually impaired
Easy to learn basic concept in less than 5 minutes
New patented technology
Excellent feedback of existing users

We create for you with love and a vision that one day we can help you feel photos.

What is the value that Feelif brings?

We create our every product with special care. Our intention is that you can begin using it immediately as you receive it.

We cooperate with blind and visually impaired people, as they are our experts of choice. They provide critical assessment of our every new product and application, until they deem them ready for the market.

We selected the three most appropriate smart devices on the market. These have the best vibrations, are responsive to multi-point interactions and provide a large screen.

Our every product goes through the hands of our experts. They ensure, that the devices are perfectly calibrated with the transparent relief grid, the software installed, and the devices adapted and ready to use.

Detail of Feelif grid

Find Feelif that is right for you

Feelif gamerFeelif creatorFeelif pro
Feelif Gamer Feelif Creator Feelif Pro
Device powered by Samsung Smartphone with 5,2” screen Tablet with 9,6” screen Tablet Tab S3 with 9,7” screen
Purpose Gaming,
Smartphone for blind
Education and Gaming Creating multisensory content for blind
Education and Gaming
Tactile resolution relief grid
• Grid with 20x10 fields
Feelif Gamer
• 29x21 dots
Feelif Creator
• 58x42 dots
• High density grid
• Adaptive density for beginners and advanced users
Feelif Pro
Complementary applications 2 games of your choice 1 educational app of your choice
1 game of your choice
2 educational apps (Geometric functions & Draw)
2 games of your choice
Included demo applications Games Education and games Education and games
Feelif specialized software Feelbook Creator - specialized software for sighted people for creating multisensory
content for blind for all Feelif devices
Device warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Money-back guarantee 14 days 14 days 14 days
Screen resolution 720 x 1280 1980 x 800 2048 x 1536
RAM 2 GB 1.5 GB 4 GB
Storage options 16GB + microSD 8GB + microSD 32GB + microSD
Price 849,00 USD 1.799,00 USD 2.999,00 USD
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What you can do with Feelif:

  • With Feelif Pro, sighted people can create multisensory content for blind and visually impaired for all Feelif devices.
  • Learn while playing. We believe in game-based learning.
  • We have many apps for learning math, geometry, languages, Braille alphabet and much more.
  • Be creative. Draw in colors and share your drawings.
  • Feel shapes and contours.
  • Feel and draw graphical functions.
  • Feel and draw charts.
  • Play games. Chess, Battleships, Memory and many more.
  • Watch interactive stories.

Check out our applications:

Games Education


  • Winners - European social innovation 2017
  • Certificate - Seal of excellence
  • National Winners - Central European startup awards
  • 1st place - Tournament of social innovation
  • 2nd place - Webit congress
  • 3rd place - Infuse
  • Finalist - Feel the future
  • Finalist - Startup world cup and summit 2018
  • Finalist - Social innovation tournament
  • Finalist - Bringing tech and science closer to people
  • Finalist - Startup Slovenia
  • Finalist - D-lab
  • Finalist - Central European startup awards
  • Finalist - Eban winter university 2016 Zagreb
  • Finalist - Podim 2017
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