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With Feelif children can learn the Braille alphabet, make digital drawings, learn to recognise graphs and shapes and so much more. Feelif takes learning for the blind and visually impaired to a whole new level.

Why Learning with Feelif is Transformational

Children develop awareness of spatial relationships, strengthen fine motor skills and learn mental mapping. There is the satisfaction and joy in new achievements and successes. Feelif enables a child to transition from the world of traditional tactile graphics to gaining digital skills.

Why Learning with Feelif is Transformational

Feelif Educational Content

With our exclusive range of content developed specifically for the blind and visually impaired we provide a more effective way for them to learn. Visit the tactile books, tools & games page to discover more. There are many different levels of Feelif content all with the same aim, to evolve the skill of digital sight. As skills evolve so does the content. A pathway from foundation skills to experiencing a higher level of graphic complexity.

Educational content

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Tactile books, games and tools

Digital tactile books

Learn about the animals of Africa. Learn to read music. Explore the map of Europe. Our digital tactile books are a multi-sensory experience to help entertain and educate. With the Feelif Pro and our FeelBook Maker app teachers and parents can also create their own digital tactile books.

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Digital tactile books

Loved by kids and teachers

Angela Mancini

Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Mary Cariola’s Children’s Centre

"I'm so impressed with the tactile and auditory information the device provides. I haven't seen anything else like it that is as comprehensive and useful."

Angela Mancini

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Childhood is all about playing. Play is fun, it is freedom, it is friendship and endless exploring. Feelif games are based on sound effects and unforgettable touch experience. We know there is a child in every adult. At Feelif we keep developing games that everybody can play.

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