19 December 2016

We are proud that parents of blind children have faith in us. Nothing is more real and nothing is more deep as love of the parents, who wants best for their children. That is why this words are so special for us:

Parents of blind and visual impaired kids see the benefit of  Feelif’s team work in a simple and an innovative approach; the source of idea is a honest readiness to help other, at the same time the idea is a reflection of social responsibility FeelIf’s team (they really do care!). Their highly experienced and wide knowledge, inovativity and openness for improvements are the key to success. 

The contribution of Feelif is priceless, it offers our kids to see/feel the world differently, in details... That is why we parents deeply beleive in Feelif!  

Jera Rak (in the name of the parents of visual and impaired kids)

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