15 November 2016

Today is important day for Feelif. Our team member Željko Khermayder visited Brussels to be on this important event. There he met mr. Franc Bogovič, Slovenian MEP. We are happy to inform you that we've been chosen to the third edition of the New Europe 100 list, a list of outstanding challengers who are leading world-class innovation from Central and Eastern Europe. The project is organized by Res Publica together with the Visegrad Fund, Google and Financial Times. The list will be officially announced today and Brussels and is available at ne100.org At Res Publica, a Polish think-do-tank focusing on culture and politics, are all very happy to have met us through this initiative. They started this project for two purposes: One is to inspire people with the kind of change that we bring about by implementing our innovative ideas. Edward Lucas from The Economist wrote earlier this year that this part of the world is all but a collection of worries. They disagree, for the last 25 years it's been mostly a region of startups. This is why they are publishing stories about what we did on www.ne100.org and in their publications: Res Publica Nowa and Visegrad Insight. For now, please share information about NE100!


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