15 October 2019

This is a unique tactile decorated bee hive panel that we have developed specifically for the needs of the museum's blind and visually impaired visitors. Our innovative technology allows them to feel the image through a combination of vibrations, sound and visual informations.

With the Feelif technology, the blind or visually impaired person gets a realistic idea of ​​the picture. The blind and partially sighted person can feel exactly what objects are on the picture, where they are, what shapes, sizes and colors they are. To make the FeelBook even more attractive, a sound effect has been added to some of the objects. That way they can hear the flag fluttering, the dog barking, the feathers of a flying bird. The difference between FeelBook and other relief pictures is that the app tells the users what they are touching and guides them through the image. The blind person can also go deeper into the picture by zooming in on it twice to discover new elements with new informations. For example, by touching the bear, the app will tell them that they touched it, and if they zoom in, they will be able to feel its head, ears, snout and tongue. The FeelBook is also color-adapted for the visually impaired.


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