12 December 2016

Yesterday, on 11.12.2016, we tested Feelif with blind and visually impaired children.
It was remarkable day in Kranj, Okroglo, where Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Slovenia has their headquarters.
There were some amazing kids, full of expectation. And we have to say, that their knowledge about technology for blind and visually impaired, is excellent.
They tested Feelif prototype and they were thrilled. What they liked most was new options for them: one wrote his name in ordinary letters and he drew a heart, and for the first time, he felt the shape of the house and a girl, as child who sees, would drew it.
They all wanted to know, when Feelif will be for sale.
This test show, that children want to learn, they are thirsty for knowledge and that Feelif can give them new dimension.

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