14 December 2016

We are very proud to have such of ambassador as Technology park Ljubljana. Its representative is
mrs. Marjana Majerič, M.Sc. Deputy General Manager

She wrote:

Having a blind person in your life opens a whole new dimension of internal and external considerations and confronts us with different aspects of feelings: sympathy, anger, questions of why and how, confidence, awareness, hope and in the end, gratitude for all new experiences.

Technology park Ljubljana Ltd. believes that Feelif's technology is introducing a new dimension of power for humanity since the »higher« purpose is to assure that every person can »see« in their own way, with their own »touch« and  according to their own »ability«. We firmly believe Feelif’s technology will in the very near future prove to have a number of benefits far beyond our line of »sight«.

Feelife’s team put courage and enthusiasm in their product, and have overcome limits of the impossible by creating a path to the possible,…

Their »eye-print« is an evolution of something that could only be imagined in the past. We believe that Feelif is introducing us to a special dimension of possibilities that are now at our reach.

Technology park Ljubljana Ltd. hopes that the Feelif's goals will be achieved also through our support and stimulatinge business environment which we are glading providing with the same enthusiasm and courage … thus for us being an ambassador of Feelif is a privilege and an honor.

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