23 January 2018

Remarkable woman Sabriye Tenberken is a developer of Tibetan Braille and a co-founder of two organizations, Braille Without Borders and Kanthari international. She is a winner of many honours and awards and she was also a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show titled:  8 Women Oprah Wants You to Know, segment Phenomenal Females: Sabriye Tenberken's Journey. This is her's testimonial about Feelif:


We tested Feelif with 4 blind people. Two who are very techy and who work professionally in the IT field and two who are just users of computers and phones, including myself.

I personally have never used a tablet and it took me a while to get familiar.

Later, once I started to 'get the hang of it', my reaction was similar to one of the other three test persons.

We all liked it very much.

1. the tactile bumps help to navigate and to orientate on the screen. This makes it easy to understand where app you are on the screen.

Especially for those who are not users of larger touch screens, it is a good entrance.

2. All four blind persons including myself were very intrigued by the games and we tried all of them.

We all felt it would be a great tool, especially for blind children in schools to be introduced to drawing, memory skills, games and any other strategy you can develop.

Picture on the right:
On the picture is Sabriye Tenberken, photo is taken from wikipedia. She is facing right, she has blue shirt and jeans. She has blind stick in her left hend. She is happy. Photo was taken  at kanthari international, infront of the house with brown windows and orange facade.

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