30 October 2018

Introducing the Feelif Camera and Feelif Picture Gallery!

Feelif Camera and Picture Gallery are our most anticipated products in recent times, as the blind and visually impaired are now able to do something they could only dream of till now.

You can now feel photos, which you can record yourselves or download to the Feelif device.

Feelif Picture Gallery works on the basis of the same innovative technology as other Feelif products. With the aid of vibration and speech, you will be able to recognize objects in the picture, thanks to the artificial intelligence Feelif is using.

While in the Feelif Camera app, you can take picture by double tap, which will then automatically be opened in Feelif Picture Gallery. There you will be able to feel the picture.

On the upper edge of the screen you will find four "buttons".

The far left one displays shades, with darker colors vibrating more intensely than their lighter counterparts.

The second button from the left shows the outlines of the objects in the picture.

The third button shows close-ups of the objects in the picture.

The last, far right button shows the outlines and surface area of the objects in the picture, adding visual outlines to the objects in addition to the vibrations. We recommend always keeping this button activated, as it also enables the tablet to orally describe the objects in the picture.

Using the information gesture (putting 5 fingers on the screen), the device will list all of the objects in picture, as well as other relevant information. The app recognizes more objects, if you are connected to the internet.

As both Feelif Camera and Picture Gallery are new apps, you will have to manually download them from the Feelif Platform. As both apps are still in Beta, we would be happy of any and all feedback on their performance.

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