03 May 2017

If you are curious who are the people behind Feelif, here is a funny video from us ;)

And this is something about us:

Mr. Željko Khermayer


He is a great software engineer, a serial businessman and a passionate innovator. 16 years ago he established 4WEB, currently one of the best digital agencies in Slovenia. His second major business is Stop Non Payers portal with 320.000 visitors per month and rising. And now his heart and ambition is in Feelif.

Mrs. Katarina Pavšek

Head of Marketing and PR

She is an architect and civil engineer, who found her passion in Feelif. She sees Feelif as opportunity for blind and visually impaired that they can enrich their life.

Mr. Blaž Jakelj

Head of Creative Services

He is excellent bachelor designer, who upgraded his knowledge in Lisbon. He plays a significant role in our team.

Mr. Marko Majdič

Senior programmer, Head of R&D

With his knowledge and experience he is one of most important members of the team. He thinks that Feelif must become available to all blind and visually impaired people in the world.

Mr. Boštjan Jerman


Boštjan is project manager and consultant of company Feelif providing a supportive environment for successfully realizing the business idea Feelif.

With more than 7 years of experience in project management and acquiring different financial sources he is responsible that project Feelif is run lean and with sufficient financial resources for research and development (R&D) and marketing. For this reason he is providing and leading all applications on different tenders, grants and tournaments.

Additionally he is responsible for strategic partnerships which have the potential to boost our R&D and market success. Very important are our partnerships with Slovenian and international experts/organizations for blind and visually impaired, who address target group needs on a daily bases in real situations.


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