22 November 2017

We are very proud that Feelif was also presented on the first information broadcast with only positive news in Slovenia - Sijaj.

about Sijaj: Mr Luka Plečnik

Sijaj (Shine) – The First online Slovenian broadcast news show

 Sijaj (Shine) is the first Slovenian broadcast news show with positive news. Media with similar themes exist abroad (Great Britain, USA, Finland, India, Croatia, Indonesia and Germany). Vision of Sijaj is to publish positive news from Slovenia and abroad. Sijaj reports about sport and cultural highlights, science and technology innovations, corporative achievements and fun events. Sijaj wants to give people inspiring stories which impress them. Sijaj doesn't want to report about religion, politics or negative things. Sijaj wants to collaborate with media and organizations, which promote positive attitude of people, concern for the environment and sport and are socially responsible in general.


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