19 December 2018

The year 2018 is coming to an end, and we would like to share our achievements we have received with you, who brought the news about Feelif around the world.

Feelif, a multisensory device for blind and visually impaired people, which enables them to feel shapes, pictures and photos, helps them with learning and playing digital games, and gives teachers and parents the opportunity to create digital tactile books, became this year the World’s best Innovation in the field of empowerment and inclusion.

We started our year with an meeting invitation from Google, which indicated that this year will be special and even more important for Feelif.

Sabriye Tenberken, an extraordinary woman who developed the Tibetan Braille, proving that blind people can also move the borders, loved Feelif after her first use.
Our devices were loved by teachers across America, England, France, Germany and Austria. The voice of Feelif and our excellent digital agency 4WEB, that from the very beginning stands behind the development of software and designs, has expanded to China and Turkey, where, like elsewhere in the world, we already have our first users.

This year we brought our Feelif technology even higher and developed three incredible Feelif devices: Feelif Gamer, Feelif Creator and Feelif Pro, a smartphone and two tablets, each with its own advantages, each equipped with an excellent App where the blind and VI can feel shapes and photos.

We organized three entertainment events for the blind and visually impaired children, their siblings and parents.  The event’s main part was a treasure hunt using Feelif as a multisensory map of clues and obstacles, proving that Feelif truly deserves the title of the best innovation in the world in 2018 and the best social innovation in Europe 2017.

We conclude the year 2018 in a pompous way, as it is suitable for a booming company: as one of the three leading accessibility companies, with the new Accessible Europe certificate, which we received on December 12, 2018 in Vienna, under the umbrella of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Commission in hand.

We wish you a merry Christmas and all good in year 2019!

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