15 February 2018

Feelif was selected as one of top 5 startups on Goodbiz.

Event took place in Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana on 15th of February 2018. Members of committee were: Igor Koščak (Prosperitas), Tadeja Bučar (Punkt), Urška Ferlic (Linea Directa), Ksenija Špiler Božič (BB Consulting), Uršula Butkovič (BB Consulting), Filip Muki Dobranić (independent), Sebastjan Pikl (Zadruga Dobrote), Tili Kojić (Zavod Viva) in Anja Šerc (Zavod Viva).
Finalists were selected by following criteria:
- best company to invest in
- best team
- best social impact.

Once again we received a lots of complimentes and suport for our product. We look forward to go on with our vision.

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