30 September 2018

We are pleased to announce that the new application, Feelif Camera, is going to emerge into the world of blind and visually impaired.

Feelif Camera is the most anticipated product in recent times, as the blind and the visually impaired will be able to do something they could only dream of till now.

They will feel photos, which they will be able to record themselves or uploaded to the Feelif device.

Feelif Camera works on the basis of the same innovative technology as other Feelif products. This way the blind can feel the photograph with the aid of vibration, and the speech will tell them which objects are in the picture, thanks to artificial intelligence Feelif is using.

The most important difference from the so far developed applications which help the blind and visually impaired with a description to make a digital picture accessible, is in that, that with Feelif the blind themselves can explore the image. The shapes and surface of the object that is on the picture can now be followed and object also can be precisely positioned on the image.

With the application, you will be able to denote what you want to feel. You could only feel the edges of objects or entire surfaces. The application is also able to distinguish between different shades, which mean that the brighter surface will vibrate differently from the dark. In addition to the touch sensing, you could also turn on a speech, which will tell you what you have touched, and if you would use a gesture for information, the application will tell you what's in the picture.

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