14 March 2019

Our innovative solution to feel pictures and shapes on a touchscreen has been awarded as the winner of World Summit Awards in the category 'Inclusion and Empowerment'! Feelif became the best digital solution for the blind and visually impaired in the world among more than 430 applications from 182 countries!

On 13th March 2019, our co-worker Dominik Polanc pitched Feelif innovation to the grand jury and visitors of the WSA Congress in Cascais, Portugal. In a short speech, he amazed them with our story and the challenge we are focusing on. We are bringing the digital world closer to the community of blind and visually impaired people, giving them more opportunity for better education and social inclusion.

Dominik presenting Feelif on the big winners stage at WSA

(Photo credit: Philipp Benedikt, WSA)

On Wednesday the 14th of March, at the closing ceremony dinner that was held in Cascais with all the participants of the WSA Global Congress 2019, they announced the global winners of each category.

All of the participating competitors in each WSA category received a Swarovski crystal in the shape of a diamond and a certificate.

And at the global champion selection, Feelif has been awarded the black crystal trophy as the Champion of the global World Summit Awards in the category 'Inclusion and Empowerment'!

We are honored to be chosen among so many great innovations. As Feelif technology is constantly evolving beyond what we had originally expected, showing new opportunities for resolving issues relevant to the blind and visually impaired, we know that we are narrowing the gap between them and the sighted people, giving them a chance to realize their potential.

We are not slowing down but will continue with our work to make a more accessible digital world for people with sight loss.

On the picture there 2 certificates and 2 awards

You can read more about all global champions HERE.

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