28 August 2018

FeelBook Maker is an application for creating tactile books,  Feelif's multisensory content for the blind and visually impaired.

FeelBook Maker

FeelBook Maker is a unique application developed especially for sighted users, such as teachers and parents, with which they can create tactile books, multisensory content for the blind and visually impaired. FeelBook Maker comes pre-installed on Feelif Pro, while tactile books can be readed by any Feelif Device.

Using FeelBook Maker

Creating content with FeelBook Maker on your Feelif Pro is fast and simple.

When you launch FeelBook Maker, which can be found in the application drawer, you will be given a choice between creating a new tactile book or editing an existing one.

Each tactile book must be uniquely named.

Tactile book can consist of one page or more. You can add or remove pages at your liking.

You create content on each page separately. First go to page settings and create a background  for your content.

Here you can select between various background colors and set the text you wish the device to read out at a certain moment or when recognizing a certain gesture.

After that you may begin inserting various elements including objects (geometric shapes from the existing library, drawn objects or even text), pictures (found on your Feelif device), charts (where you can insert value of each bar, color them and name them) and mathematical graphs (you can insert any mathematical function).

Inserted elements can be dragged around the page, made larger or smaller, given different colors, some can be rotated, but all can be assigned special attributes. You can set what happens when you double-tap on them or after touching them for a longer period of time, etc. Objects and pictures can be assigned audio cues (found in the Feelif audio library or imported from the internet).

You can read our tactile books with FeelBook,  specialized software for reading tactile books, which is pre-installed on all Feelif devices.

Tactile books

Tactile books are multisensory content for the blind and visually impaired, designed on a Feelif Pro with the FeelBook Maker application. Each content creator can name their tactile book and may share it with others on the Feelif Open Platform for free or for a price.


Specialized software for reading tactile books

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