20 May 2019

Fresh news from our development department: we are working in the connectivity of Feelif with a braille display. We joint our forces with Orbit Research and enabled Feelif to connect with their Orbit Reader 20.

This means the users using a Braille Display like Orbit Reader 20 will be able to read/input and navigate between the menus of Feelif applications instead of only listening to the text to speech.

This feature creates new possibilities for designing Feelif content. Teachers are now able to prepare the exercises for the blind and visually impaired children and students that require them to enter any kind of text next to the graphic image they can feel and recognize on a Feelif device. In this they will verify their understanding of the substance in writing, for example the composition of the flower, the state of the country, the structure of man, etc.

Stay tuned for more news about Feelifs development!

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