Learning Braille (4 games)

Learn Braille independently in a simple and entertaining way.
Feelif Learning Braille

There are 4 games under the Learn Braille section. These games use the embossed braille cells at the top of the screen.  These braille dots are intentionally larger than normal braille dots, to help little fingers feel and select the individual dots and to focus on the spatial relationships of these dots.

Feelif Learning Braille
 is a unique application that helps beginners learn in a fun way. Your child or you can learn braille on your own without a teacher to oversee your work.

The application has 4 games:

Learn Braille Alphabet Game

Displays the braille letters in ABC order. The player will drag his fingertip across one dot in the braille cell at a time. If the dot is active (part of the specific braille letter), the dot will vibrate and a hum sound is heard. When an activated dot is first touched, Voice Assistant will announce the braille letter. Dots that are not active will remain quiet and still. A two-finger swipe left or right will scroll to the next or previous screen of letters.

Find Missing Dot

Displays braille cells with five dots activated in each cell at the top of the screen. The player drags his finger across one dot in the braille cell at a time. If the dot is activated, it will vibrate and a hum sound is heard. One dot in each cell is not activated. The player finds the inactive dot and double taps on it. When double-tapping on the correct dot, a motivating reward sound is heard.

Copy Braille Characters Game

Displays a braille letter in the first cell which students duplicate in the second cell. When touching the first cell, the letter is announced and the activated individual dots vibrate and hum as the student drags his fingers across the individual dots. The student then moves to the second cell and double taps on the correct dots to duplicate the letter.

Write Braille Characters Game

This game has inactive braille dots. When the braille cell is touched, Voice Assistant announces the desired letter. The player locates each desired dot and double taps on the dot to activate it. When all the correct dots are activated, the player hears a motivating reward sound.

These Braille games are the same used in schools, but packaged with a fun multisensory experience that makes learning fun.
The Feelif Learning Braille is the solution for those who want to quickly and easily learn the Braille system and improve their finger skills


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This app can be purchased on all Feelif devices.
This app can be purchased on all Feelif devices.

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