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Learning Braille

Digital Education for blind and visually impaired

Learning Braille

Appropriate age:
Ages 3+

Strengthening memory, concentration and fine motor skills, and game-based learning
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Learning Braille digital education for blind
Feelif Learning Braille is a unique application with which Braille system can be learned in a fun way and perhaps even more important, you do not need teacher or other person who would oversee your work. For all this application itself makes sure your progress is supervised with enthusiasm and can reward you in a way that will bring a smile on your face.

The application comprises four chapters:

Chapter 1: review of individual Braille letters with voice description

Chapter 2: “Find the missing dot” to cope with the Braille cell with an understanding of its components

Chapter 3: exercise: “Copy cell” to cope with the Braille cell with an understanding of its components, and

Chapter 4: testing acquired knowledge.

The exercises, which are necessary for the understanding of the Braille cells, are the exact same exercises, which teachers at school are using, but packaged with a fun multisensory experience that makes learning feel more like a game. For this reason you will want to do it over and over again, seamlessly enhancing your learning how to format individual letters and at the same time improving motor skills.

Application Feelif Learning Braille is the solution for all those who want to quickly and easily learn Braille system and improve your finger skills.
Learn Braille independently in a simple and entertaining way.
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