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Geometric Functions

Feelif Geometric functions is a great application for understanding and learning the coordinate system, sensing and drawing geometric functions. A blind and visually impaired student can independently explore different geometric functions and also draw them while the teacher or parent can monitor on the application the progress of the student.

Geometric Functions digital education for blind

Write down your equation of the function and feel its shape

In addition to the samples of typical functions, through which the user gets familiar with the coordinate system and with different shapes, the application also allows the entry of other functions. The user can use the "scientific calculator" to enter an equation and it will be displayed on the screen.

Feelig graphs on Feelif

Drawing functions and checking your knowledge

A part of the application is intended for testing your knowledge. In this part, the user will have to enter the important points of the written function in the coordinate system (e.g. minimum, maximum) and draw the function. Because the function drawing is accompanied by vibration, sound, and voice, the user can draw the function very accurately. The application recognizes whether the function is properly drawn and compliments the user.

Write your own equation on feelif Creator

Analyzed data for teachers

The application is very useful for teachers who, through various animations, see how the students typed typical points and how they draw the function. This can make it easier to analyze the student's problems and thus help him to understand.

Feeling geometric curve

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