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Geometric Functions

Digital Education for blind and visually impaired

Geometric Functions

Appropriate age:
Ages 12+

Strengthening fine motor skills and concentration, game-based learning
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Geometric Functions digital education for blind
Feelif Geometric Functions is an outstanding application for understanding and learning the coordinate system and geometrical functions.

With this application, your child can independently explore various forms of elementary geometric functions, since the application is supported by vibration, sound and voice.

Feelif Geometric Functions application allows much more than just identifying all basic functions, because it allows you to enter equation for any function, which is then presented on the screen. User can thereby comprehend typical points of any function by virtue of vibration, sound and voice as well.

Furthermore the application also allows you to enter typical point’s values and in this manner you can draw geometric functions in the coordinate system. The application recognizes if the function is properly drawn and neatly compliments the user in the case of correct solutions.
For understanding and learning the coordinate system and geometrical functions.
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