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What is Feelif Creator?

Feelif Creator is a special Feelif device for playback of digital content adapted for the blind and visually impaired (Digital Games and Digital Education for Blind and Visually Impaired). It was developed in close collaboration with blind and visually impaired users, Centre for Education, Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Counselling for the Blind and Partially Sighted and parents of blind children.

Feelif Creator uses our innovative patented technology that enables a blind or visually impaired person to sense and recognize shapes on the touch screen. A unique application and a special transparent embossed grid provide an excellent user experience. Blind and visually impaired people are using vibrations, sounds and voices along with finger glides across the embossed grid and follow a specific format on the screen. Embossed grid provides an excellent orientation on the otherwise flat screen and at the same time strengthens user's fine motor skills. Feelif Creator can also be used as a tablet or a smart phone.

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Feelif Creator - a device for blind and visually impaired

How it works

How it works
Feelif Creator: adapted tablet with special app and customized relief grid
Unique multisensory
digital content
Excellent content
touch experience

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Feelif Creator will impress you with his effortless elegance as it can play a wide range of educational and entertaining multisensory content and will encourage your investigative spirit and creativity. Embossed grid which provides excellent orientation and a large area of the screen both provide excellent users experience that you’ll want to last and last. A transparent embossed grid on top of the screen is divided into two parts. The narrow, upper part is dedicated to rehearsals and learning Braille and the lower larger part is devoted to graphics, drawing, playing games, crosswords, etc.
Damijan using Feelif Creator

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Feelif enables

Drawing in few different types of vibrations
Drawing in few different
types of vibrations
Exchanging drawings with your friends
Exchanging drawings
with your friends
Learning Braille
Learning Alphabet
Vision training exercises (for visually impaired)
Vision training exercises
(for visually impaired)
Watching interactive stories
Watching interactive
Recognizing and learning different shapes like house, star, heart, ...
Recognizing and learning
different shapes
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