Snakes and Ladders

The game leads the luckiest player to the goal faster and learning counting very simple.
Feelif Snakes and Ladders is a game that will win you as soon as you start playing it. You can play the game with your friends or against application itself. On the way to your objective, you will be delighted or you will run amuck - everything depends on your and your playmates luck.

Application of Feelif Snakes and Ladders is backed up with sound and voice, so playing it is a real adventure.

Feelif Snakes and Ladders application is suitable for all generations, but the greatest benefit get children, because while playing they coincidently learn counting from 1 to 100 thus practising arithmetic, as long as they learn the patience and anger management.

Since it is necessary to use the full screen in this game, it is one of the best games for boosting fine motor skills.
60,00 USD
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This app can be purchased on all Feelif devices.
This app can be purchased on all Feelif devices.

Snakes and Ladders digital game for blind
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