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Feelif Picture Gallery

Feelif Camera and the Picture Gallery enable a blind user to feel photos with the aid of vibration. Thanks to the artificial intelligence Feelif is using, the user will get audio information of the objects that are featured on a photo.

Feelif Camera in use.

Feel the content of a photo

The most important difference from the so far developed applications which help the blind and visually impaired with a description to make a digital picture accessible, is in that, that with Feelif the blind themselves can explore the image. The shapes and surface of the photos objects can now be followed and be precisely positioned on the photo itself.

Object detection on a photo.

Experience the colors and shapes

Inside the Picture Gallery application are several options of what visual information of the photo would you like to feel.

It is possible to feel the edges of objects or entire surfaces. You are able to distinguish between different colors, which means that each color will vibrate differently. In addition to the touch sensing, the voice assistant will tell you what (objects) you have been exploring.

Details on a  photo

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