Feelif Pro


Benefits of Feelif Pro model

High-density grid offers the most precise tactile experience
The best user experience at creating and feeling colourful drawings
The best user experience at feeling shapes, contours, charts and geometric functions
The best user experience at feeling education content and games
The most powerful tablet with a
really big screen
Outstanding sound supported by four stereo speakers

Use this device with other android-supported blind and visually impaired aids
You can easily create and share content with other users
Game based learning, with lots of motivation and praise
Play games alone or with others on the same product
Boost cognitive thinking and learn spatial orientation
Improve fine motor skills and learn skills necessary for accessing digital content
Easy to learn basic concepts in less than 5 minutes

Feelif Pro



Device powered by Samsung
Tablet Tab S3 with 9,7” screen
Creating content for blind
Education and Gaming
Tactile resolution relief grid
• 58x42 dots
• High density grid
• Adaptive density for beginners and advanced users
Included demo applications
Education and games
Feelif specialized software
Feelbook Creator - specialized software for sighted people for creating multisensory
content for blind for all Feelif devices
Android version
Android 7.0
Screen resolution
2048 x 1536
Qualcomm MSM8996, Snapdragon 820
4 GB
Storage options
32GB + microSD
Device warranty
2 years
Money-back Guarantee
14 days
2.499,00 €


With Feelif Pro you will have the best user experience

  • With Feelif Pro you will be able to feel most complex graphics thanks to the high-density grid.
  • Feelif Pro has pre-installed two unique applications which will rock your world. With the first app, Feelif Draw you will be able to draw in colours and with the second app, Feelif Geometric Function you will be able to feel and draw graphical functions! How amazing is that?
  • Feelif Pro provides the best user experience at educational and gaming content. It has a very big screen and outstanding sound supported by four stereo speakers.
  • You will enjoy vibrations, realistic and interesting sounds, voice and premium feeling in your hands.
  • Once you will feel Feelif Pro you will not be satisfied with anything less.
  • If you want to fulfil your life, the best way to do it is with Feelif Pro.
Happy feelif user
Feelif Pro comes with demo versions of our games and educational applications. Two preloaded premium applications are available already: Feelif Draw and Feelif Graphical Functions. Additionally, you can activate from the demo games two of them for free.


VIDEOS of usage

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