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FeelBook Maker

FeelBook Maker is a unique application developed especially for sighted users.

It is a tool with which teachers and parents can create multisensory content (tactile books) for the blind and visually impaired users. They are able to digitize outdated teaching methods without any programming knowledge. It is that easy and simple!

Feelbook maker. Tactile book of African animals.

Featured on Feelif Pro

FeelBook Maker comes pre-installed on Feelif Pro, while tactile books can be played by any Feelif devices. 

With the FeelBook Maker you can combine images with sound effects and audio descriptions. You can add your own designs or upload the graphics from the tactile library. There are endless possibilities of content creation, from old fairytales to the chemistry lecture of a periodic system.

Feelif Maker in use.

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