Digital Entertainment for the blind and visually impaired

Digital Entertainment for the Blind and Visually Impaired is our set of products specially developed for blind and partially sighted children, adolescents and adults. It includes games, interactive stories, crossword puzzles, and gives everyone exciting opportunities for game-based learning and other fun content.

With our Digital Entertainment we are strengthening cognitive skills; we encourage multisensory research and creative spirit of the user.
Damijan playing Digital Games for blind and visually impaired
Mia playing Digital Games for blind and visually impaired
For blind or visually impaired person Digital Entertainment content is received through the vibration which can be felt under finger tips when scrolling through a special transparent relief grid. Additional information that is needed for a better understanding also comes through sound and voice. Embossed grid on our special smart device provides an excellent orientation on otherwise flat screen and at the same time it strengthens user's fine motor skills.
Digital Entertainment with which blind or visually impaired person can enjoy our contents is running on Feelif Creator. Feelif devices are affordable; bring the enjoyment on the digital medium and they create delightful learning experience through games.

With our content, we want to encourage healthy competition and joy in experiencing new achievements and successes.
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