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Map of Europe

Feel the countries of Europe and their location on the map.

Learning Geography becomes very easy with Feelif. With the map of Europe, you will get acquainted with all the countries of Europe, and with the help of different vibrations and country description, you will be able to accurately find out its location and size.

Map of Europe as a Feelbook on Feelif Pro.

Each country has a different vibration from its neighbors. This way you can easily distinguish between different countries when you move your finger across the map. At the same time, when you feel different vibration, you will also hear the name of the country you are touching. It is a unique multi-sensory tactile book for the independent research and learning of the countries of Europe.

Because the countries are shown in a variety of powerful colors, the application is also excellent for the visually impaired.

Feeling different colors and countries on Feelif.

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