26 April 2019

There are many free applications available for download on your Feelif device, which has been named the Global Champion in Digital Solution WSA 2019 in the Inclusion & Empowerment category in March 2019.

With Feelif, a blind person can feel the shapes and pictures on a standard touchscreen and in this start to see digitally.

Do you know what content and apps come on a Feelif Gamer device? We invite you to check it out and be sure not to miss out on all the new updates. 

Practical apps:

Camera - an easy-to-use application that will help you capture an object

Picture Gallery – for sensing photos that you've taken or downloaded from the Internet

Web Browser - to feel the content of pictures on the Internet

Phone - for simplified phone calls and sending SMS

Multy-sensory Tactile Books - FeelBooks:

Find the mammal - an educational game

Count to ten - learn to count to ten

Christmas storyThe story of how Jesus was born


Battleship – win the game by sinking your opponent’s boat

Memory - test your memory, play with great realistic sounds

Tic-Tac-Toe - place three symbols in a row before the opponent

Farm game – find the escaped animals

Connect Four - place 4 symbols in a line and win the game

Chess – learn to play chess and play it against an opponent or the computer

Snakes and Ladders - avoid the snake and come as soon as possible to the finish line

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