05 October 2018

It all started with an idea. We wanted to spice up the day of blind and visually impaired children and show them what our Feelif device can do.

So we to a look at our childhood brains, trying to figure out what we loved the most back then. What were we really happy about? 
I didn't take long for us to realize, that what we loved most was discovering the secrets of the world around us together with our friends. Especially if the secrets were well hidden!
The answer was simple. A treasure hunt! 

Now that we knew what we were doing, we threw ourselves into the work.Every treasure hunt needs a treasure map. and this one can be used by the bind and visually impaired aswell!

That you can feel vibrations, sound and voice on a standard touchscreen with the help of our Feelif device, is already known.  However, with our new FeelBook Maker app, you can create your own multisensory digital content. This was just what we needed to create our interactive treasure on our Feelif PRO.

To show you how fast and easy it is to create a fun experience with FeelBook Maker on the Feelif Pro, let's have a quick walkthrough of the treasure hunt , from start to happy, prize-awarding end.

1) Idea
You already know about this, so let's skip to the fun part!

2) Choosing and visiting possible locations
Blind and visually imparied people should not be subjected to excessively dangereous situations, which is why the location needs to be safe.
In our case, the location was chosen by the ZDSSS organizers, who kindly invited us to the closing part of their "Educational workshop" event. We mapped the location, noting larger objects, that needed to appear on the map. We also chose the treasure locations.

Picture1: The picture shows the Livada treasure hunt location. It is a large grassy clearing, covered by a few objects: two flower beds with herbs and scarecrows, a wooden landing, a climbing wall, a large table, a fireplace and a cornfield. On the picture, a part of the wooden landing can be seen. This was our meeting point. Behind it are two scarecrows and two flowerbeds, with a house and some cars in the background. End of picture description.

3) Making the treasure map
We needed to show the surounding and the treasure coin locations.
How to show a treasure location to someone who can't see? With the right tools it's easy!
Using our Feelif Pro and the preinstalled app FeelBook Maker we went on charting.
The mapdrawing is easy, as we can select already existing elements from the object library or just draw them freehand. We gave each object its own sound, voice and vibration intensity. By touching the objects on the screen, you could hear the object descriptions, different sounds (walking on on grass, fire-crackling, birds, jingling coins)  and voicemessages containing hints!

Surrounding area on a tablet
Picture 2: This a picture of a Feelif Pro, with the interactive treasure map, containing all of the objects and coins, displayed on its screen. The device is held in a way that you can see the objects ,depicted on the map, in the background of the picture. These are: a scarecrow, a flowerbed, a wooden landing and board. On the tablet, all of the objects needed for treasure hunt, are displayed.
Want to feel the objects in the picture? Use our newly developed Feelif Picture Gallery, with which you can literally feel your pictures. Read more about it HERE. End of picture description.

4) Buying the treasure and accessories
To reward the ingenious treasure hunters, we covered ourselfs in trophies, candy and golden coins. To even the playing field and include the parents and volunteers, we also brought eye masks We wouldn't want any cheating now, would we?

5) The hunt
The day was finally here. Joining the children were their brothers and sisters, their parents, the lovely guidedog Jessie, the event organisers and our Feelif team!

Dog guide Jessie
Picture 3: In the picture is the guidedog Jessie, a white retriever. End of picture description.

We put our eyemasks on the hunt began.
We started on the six-sided wooden landing.

Gathering place
Picture 4: Depicted is the starting point, the six-sided wooden landing, upon which the contestants are standing. Some have eyemasks on. Our coworker is explaining the rules to them. End of picture description.

The contestants had to find their treasure location on the interactive map, figuring out where in the real-world the golden coins could be hidden.


Picture 5: Mila is feeling the interactive map on the Feelip PRO device, getting to know her surroundings through the tablet. Beside her one of our coworkers is crouching down and helping her. End of picture description.

The hunt is on!

Mila and a scarecrow
Picture 6:  A moment in the treasure hunt. Mila stands in front of a scarecrow, looking for his shirt-pocket, where the treasure is hidden. This is what the interactive map told her. Beside her stand our coworker and one of the event organisers, wearing the eyemask. End of picture description.

The golden coins were soon found, the contestants were happy, and the prizes officialy presented.

Picture 7:  The picture shows our coworker handing out the prizes - small trophies, filled with candy! The winners also got to keep the golden coins, which are worth keeping. Why that is remains a secret for now :). End of picture description.

Mila and a throphy
Picture 8: Mila proudly presenting her trophy, hand triumphantly in the air. Behind her stands a smiling Joana. Behind Joana are the inventor of the Feelif devices, Željko Khermayer, one of our coworkers and the event organizer.

The treasure hunt was a great success. And we can happily say, that it was not the last.
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