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With our Feelif Shapes application, you can easily learn the basic geometrical shapes such as square, triangle, house and others. The vibration and sound will guide your fingers to understand the different shapes.

It is a great aid in uderstanding various forms and the best application for independent exploration, even for preschoolers.

Using the application will strengthen fine motor skills as well as the concentration of the child or youngster.

Shape of a square, featured in the FeelBook Shapes.

Learn various shapes

In the application, only one shape will appear on the screen at a time. First, the presented shape will be announced and then you will have to drag your finger over the screen to trace the shape. You will hear announcements of important information such as "bottom right corner" as you drag your finger. The announcement will help you to change the direction and so follow the change of the shape line. If you follow the shape line correctly, you will be accompanied by a sound and you will feel the vibration.

The shape of a house, featured in the FeelBook Shapes.

Video tutorials

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    Feelif Shapes

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