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Digital Education for blind and visually impaired


Appropriate age:
Ages 3+

Strengthening fine motor and concentration, game-based learning
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Shapes digital education for blind
Shapes digital education for blind
Shapes digital education for blind
Shapes digital education for blind
With our Feelif Shapes application, your child will effortlessly get familiar with all of the basic geometrical shapes such as square, triangle, circle, trapezoid, rhombus and others, as well as with some forms of special importance such as the heart, house, star, ...

In addition to the vibration Feelif Shapes application also uses voice and sound are guiding the youngster along the form that he feels under his finger tips.

Feelif Shapes is a great aid in learning geometry and the best application for independent exploration of forms, even for preschoolers. With its use, you will simply explain to your child the difference between the square and the rectangle, between a rectangular and equilateral triangle, rhombus and parallelogram and others, because you can quickly and easily change the content on the screen.

Our Feelif Shapes application strengthens fine motor skills as well as the concentration; therefore you just need to have it.
Identify the difference between various basic geometrical and other interesting shapes.
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