Identify the difference between various basic geometrical and other interesting shapes.

With our Feelif Shapes application, your child will easily learn basic geometrical shapes such as heart, house, star, square, triangle, circle and others.

The vibration and sound will guide the child’s fingers to understand the different shapes.

How it Works

One shape appears on the screen at a time. Voice Assistant announces the shape and then the player drags his finger to trace the shape. Voice Assistant announces important information such as "bottom right corner" as the player drags his finger. This alerts the player to make a change in direction.

When the player follows the line correctly, he will hear piano sounds (pitches change as he moves up/down or right/left) and he will feel vibrations.

If the player is off the line, the screen is quiet and still. If the player correctly traces the entire shape, Voice Assistant provides feedback such as, "Great job! You found the square!" Shapes become progressively more challenging as complex shapes are introduced.

Feelif Shapes is a great aid in learning geometry and the best application for independent exploration of forms, even for preschoolers.

Our Feelif Shapes application strengthens fine motor skills as well as the concentration; therefore you just need to have it.


This app is included on Feelif Pro and Feelif Creator devices.

Shapes digital education for blind
Shapes digital education for blind
Shapes digital education for blind
Shapes digital education for blind
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