23 August 2019

Every month we share with you a blog post from a blind person. The topics are different, but all very interesting. We would love to hear your story, how do you live with your blindness. Where are the problems, obstacles... We would also like to hear about any good or funny anecdotes of what happened to you. Do you have a pet? Share with us your stories and don't forget to send a picture!  

We will include the selected stories in our monthly e-mail. 

This is your opportunity to raise your voice and share with others what's in your mind.

How to do that?

You can use our contact form. If you want to send us also a picture, please use e-mail info@feelif.com.


Unfortunately, contributions cannot be honored. By submitting your story, you agree to be published on the Feelif site and our social networks free of charge. The story will reach Feelif news subscribers who are interested in everything that concerns the blind and visually impaired. The Editorial Board reserves the right to select stories according to the monthly theme.