24 April 2019

Hello, my name is Miha, one of Feelif team members and I am writing this blog post today to honor International Guide Dogs Day, which is celebrated every year on 24th of April. 

I also have a guide dog, his name is Dante. We spend every day together, he is accompanying me on my way to work and back home. We have a long commute to work, in one direction 85 kilometers. He helps me to overcome everyday struggles, as he rides the bus to work with me and shows me a free seat. When I hop off the bus he walks alongside me on pavement and looks after me. 

How does he look after me, you ask? He helps me avoid obstacles such as advertising panels, poles on the road, he shows me the edge of the pavement, takes me up the stairs and much more. He always understands me and does not argue, while at the same time he delivers extremely positive energy.

Therefore, it is only right to honor International Guide Dogs Day by thanking our four-legged friends for everyday support they give us.