01 October 2020

Blind and visually impaired also likes to play games. Technology is getting better every day so there are no more excuses why developers shouldn’t create more games for blind people. Find your device and start playing.

Before we started to create content with Feelif’s technology we visited lots of societies for blind and visually impaired to show them how our technology works. They were all very enthusiastic that they can feel graphic content on the screen of the tablet. This was the first time they could feel digital graphic.

For those who don’t know what our first steps were, let we just inform you, that we tested our technology with many blind and visually impaired person. The first test that we had was the one where the blind person had to follow the line or curve on the screen and recognize different geometrical shapes like a square, a triangle, a circle… Then we tried with more complex objects like a house, a heart or a tree. The first tests didn’t contain sounds or voices, there was just a vibration. It was almost impossible to believe how skilful were at doing these tasks; even though they had Feelif in their hands for the first time!

They all agreed that Feelif has a special and useful technology but just technology was not enough. They wanted something more and this “something more” were games; games which would be developed with our technology. Many of them already heard of digital blind games and some of them also played them but common opinion was that these games don’t offer a very good user experience.

This challenge, developing blind games was interesting for us, so we decided to get in the action. The first question we had was which games we want to transform into games for the blind and visually impaired? We knew that games for the blind and visually impaired should offer something more than just voice and vibration. Especially games for blind kids. We also kept in mind that we are doing this not only for blind people but for people who have some vision left or have no problem with vision at all. In the first phase of our research, we learned that games for visually impaired must have contrasting pictures and not so many details, but still, they have to be attractive enough for people with normal vision. All along our goal was inclusion.

We put our heads together and started developing and testing.  After a few days, the first game for a blind person was developed. That was the game Feelif Memory. We created eight different categories and each category has eight icons. An icon presents an object which is suited to its category. To each symbol, we added realistic sounds of the object so the blind person, not only that he hears a description of the object, but he also hears its sound.  This game is really made for all ages because you can also choose the difficulty of the game. You can search four pairs, six pairs or eight pairs. What is also interesting about this game is that you can measure your time and attempts. This information is very motivating and it encourages them to become better and better.

First tests with the blind and visually impaired were incredible. The blind and visually impaired loved the game, and so did their parents, brothers and sisters. This game has really brought them closer together.  

This success gave us motivation and inspiration to continue developing more games for the blind and visually impaired. After the first game Feelif Memory, we have developed Feelif Tic Tac Toe, Feelif Farm game – which is our product, Feelif Connect four, Feelif Chess, Feelif Snakes and Ladders and Feelif Battleships. To all these classical games, Feelif added their own note and upgraded them so they became even more playful and cute. For example, we added the game Tic Tac Toe new symbols to play with. Instead of a cross or a circle, you are able to choose a cat, a dog, a lion, a car, a fire and so on. This symbols also offer realistic sounds and by touching them you can also hear meowing, barking… beside the description. We can honestly say that this is one of the best games for blind kids on the market.

We haven`t forgotten to add tutorials to each game for blind person. All the games for blind people which come from Feelif are very easy to use. The same applies to Feelif device. Feelif devices and all Feelif apps are developed for independent use of blind and visually impaired person.

All games for blind people were very well received. Because they all include realistic sounds are very interesting for other kids who don’t have any issue with their sight. We think that this is our advantage. It is not so easy to create a game which can be played equally by blind and sighted. But Feelif games for blind people are like that. And there are not interesting just for kids! Blind adults also played them with great pleasure. It is hard to explain how nice and heart-warming is to see an old blind person with a smile on his face while is playing Feelif Farm game!

As we mentioned before, this is the game for blind people we developed from scratch. It is a game for blind people which can be also played by people with mental disabilities. You have to find different animals with a help of sound. Sounds are really great and stimulate a person to explore the games even more. You cannot help yourself not to laugh when you hear a pig or a chicken. The trick is you have to catch animals with double click on them, but you have to find them first on the screen. You can play the game over and over again because every time animals are in different positions and the number of them is never the same.

If now someone asks us if we have games for visually impaired child we proudly say: “Yes, we now have lots of games for visually impaired child and he can play them alone or with a friend, sibling, parent, or teacher and what is most important, he can play them on the same level with others.“