10 December 2018

A wonderful Christmas story has happened on Saturday, 8th of December, at the community center Dom Oddiha Okroglo near Kranj. 

The story connected blind and visually impaired children with their brothers and sisters and even their parents. Everybody already knows in our community, that a Feelif treasure hunt can't be simple and without any special features.

And that our children saved Christmas, well that is definitely something special. You wonder how that happened? Just continue reading.

The story starts like this:

Santa Claus unfortunately broke his famous sleigh and had to visit a workshop. When he was about to pay for the preparation he found out, that an evil elf, one just like the Grinch, took the gold coins and hide them around the park in Okroglo. Luckily our Feelif team found his map, where he had written down the hiding places of the gold coins to collect them later on. But since the gold coins were magical, there was not a lot of time to find them and we had to be quick or they would disappear.

The Feelif team could not finish the task alone and we had to ask the children and their parents if they would help us. We were fighting with time. We divided the children in two groups and together we managed to be quick enough and find the gold coins so Santa Clause could pay for his repaired sleigh. Christmas was saved  and every child got a beautiful gift for their Christmas tree, that will forever remember them of this special event.


This was our first time at such an event and definitely not the last. A welcoming atmosphere consisting of people with stories similar to ours. Interesting and pleasant guests and a lovely and relaxing break. It was nice to be able to talk to people who understand the needs of my child and who share their knowledge, experiences and opinions.

You guys are great.

Thank you
Polona, mother of Tinkara

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