05 November 2021

As part of the Bee Fairy Tale project, the Beekeepers' Association of Slovenia and the Inn at the Bee moved the borders and equipped the learning path and menu with Feelif tablets.

An exciting multi-sensory experience, accessible to the blind and partially sighted, is available in three languages: Slovenian, English and German. With the help of the Feelif tablet, the user can move independently in space and explore it. On the learning path, which also includes 27 educational tables with records, the visitor acquires knowledge about bees and beekeeping in Slovenia. The content of the tables is now also available on the tablet in an audio recording recorded by the renowned actor Bojan Emeršič. There is also a quiz on the board, through which the user can test their knowledge of beekeeping and bees. The quiz is available in three difficulty levels, so it is suitable for those who are encountering this topic for the first time and those who already have some more knowledge. In addition to the quiz, the Feelif tablet can be used as a tool for the Treasure Hunt game. There are as many as three themed stories through which blind and partially sighted people can test themselves in the field and screen orientation.

As part of this pilot project, a multi-sensory menu for the Inn at the Bee was also produced. The visitor of the inn will now be able to explore the offer on his own. The menu is also equipped with some realistic sounds, which makes it especially attractive and fun.