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For the blind and visually impaired, we organize pleasant Feelif social events, which are fully adapted for the blind and visually impaired.
The common thread of every partying is our usage of Feelif devices, the best social innovation in Europe, which allows you to feel the shapes on the touch screen!

You will be thrilled with how easily can Feelif connect the features of the Samsung tablet with a special tactile surface, vibrations, realistic sounds and voice into a unique experience.

With Feelif we will play all kinds of multisensory digital games, search for hidden treasures, compete in different games, where you will try out your memory and logic, spatial orientation, strategy, and many more. We will certainly not be bored.

We always invite to our parties also all your loved ones: mothers, dads, aunts, uncles, and especially your brothers, sisters and friends, as all our games are such that you can play them together.
Feelif entertainment will be held throughout Slovenia, so please contact us today!

Membership is presently free, as our current goal is to have a nice time and get to know each other, but above all to show you what you can do with Feelif and how many new entertainment options it offers to you.

What do you get with membership?

  • Lots of fun with the Feelif team, which will prepare excellent, multisensory games for you that will be taking place outdoors or in suitable premises;
  • You will be first informed about our parties, which will be especially welcome when number of attendees are limited;
  • The advantage of participating in prize games and competitions;
  • Meeting new friends.

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