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Digital Games for blind and visually impaired


Appropriate age:
Ages 3+

Strengthening fine motor skills, memory and concentration, developing strategy, game-based learning
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Dominoes digital game for blind
Domino is definitely a game that is one of the most famous and old games in the world. The earliest mention of dominoes is from Song dynasty China found in the text Former Events in Wulin by Zhou Mi (1232-1298). It is now also available in a digital version, which has been specially developed for blind and visually impaired.

The Feelif Dominoes application combined with Feelif Creator, offers an unforgettable experience for the user because it feels like the player has a domino under his finger.

Application Feelif Dominoes is upgraded with voice and sound, making it easy and enjoyable to play.

Feelif Dominoes is for maximum of four players, but it is possible to play against application. Feelif Dominoes game is exceptional for strengthening memory and fine motor skills as well as for reinforcement of mind strategy.
One of the most famous and oldest games in the world, entertaining all even today.

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