Practice Alphabet

Learn uppercase and lowercase letters and test your knowledge; Braille letters included.
Feelif Practice Alphabet application will help your child to learn how to write his/her name and last name with the alphabet of the sighted. The application holds both capital as well as lowercase letters.

Supported by voice and records in Braille, makes it even easier and faster for the user to connect both with a letter format.

Feelif Practice Alphabet application is ideal for self-study as it is comprised of two parts: learning and testing. So at the end, user will be able to check his knowledge of the alphabet and application will check the accuracy of his record.

Because the application is designed primarily for pre-school and school children, it has a great emphasis on the stimulation of the child, who will remain focused and motivated throughout their use of application by funny sounds and commendations.

Due to the simultaneous displaying of alphabet and Braille records, Feelif Practice Alphabet is in combination with the voice descriptions also suitable for all those, who are slowly losing their vision and will need to learn Braille in time to come.
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Practice Alphabet digital education for blind
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