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Feelif and Feelif Open Platform will unite all stakeholders: blind and visually impaired, parents and caretakers, teachers, content creators and software developers. Each target group will have their own advantages.

Blind and visually impaired will
  • get a great learning tool,
  • new and dedicated content and apps,
  • easier access to knowledge,
  • possibility of their own artistic expression and
  • the chance to share or sell their masterpieces on Feelif Open Platform.

Teachers will
  • improve the quality of their lessons and
  • get the chance to share or sell content, that they created, on Feelif Open Platform.

Parents can
  • give their blind children new opportunities and possibilities,
  • create content and
  • share their knowledge with others on Feelif Open Platform.

A content creator can be everyone who is interested in creating good content for the blind and visually impaired. They can be publishers, story writers, ... Everyone of them will be able to share or sell their content on Feelif Open Platform.

Software developers will create their own apps and sell them on Feelif Open Platform.
We encourage creativity and education between all of our target groups.

Feelif Community
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