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Want to join the fast growing industry of products for the visually impaired? Want to make money by selling innovative technology, but don’t want to do the tedious work, like handling warranty, shipping , return, and repair?

Joining Is Free and Easy

Choose from a huge selection of free tools, content, banner ads and more to add to your site. Feelif wants the blind and visually impaired to be able to feel digital content. Use our disruptive technology, feel shapes, graphs, charts, learn, play games and have fun!

Join the Feelif Affiliate programme
  • Commision

    Attractive commision up to 8%
  • Low return rate

    Our return rate is less than 1%
  • Materials

    Wide selection of banners, exclusive coupons, updates on new apps and videos
  • Manager

    Dedicated Affiliate Manager

What can you do with Feelif?

  • With Feelif Pro, sighted people can create multisensory content for blind and visually impaired for all Feelif devices.
  • Learn while playing. We believe in game-based learning.
  • We have many apps for learning math, geometry, languages, Braille alphabet and much more.
  • Be creative. Draw in colors and share your drawings.
  • Feel shapes and contours.
  • Feel and draw graphical functions.
  • Feel and draw charts.
  • Play games. Chess, Battleships, Memory and many more.
  • Watch interactive stories.

Program description

Feelif is a high-tech company with focus on information systems for the blind and visually impaired. Our goal is to empower the blind and visually impaired so that they can easily access information in digital form.

Feelif has roots in well-established Slovenian company 4WEB d.o.o., which is developing web and mobile applications since year 2000. Our patented technology used by Feelif is a product of our own research and innovation. We have invented technology that enables blind to feel shapes on a touch screen. Now we are using that technology to create multisensory digital games and educational content for the blind and visually impaired.

Feelif Affiliate program description

Meet Feelif Family

Feelif device uses an innovative patented technology that enables blind or visually impaired person to sense and recognize shapes on the touchscreen. A unique application and a special transparent embossed grid provide an excellent user experience. With Feelif, learning takes minutes and the children and teachers feel less frustrated because learning feels like a game and that keep kids focused.

The Feelif program offers you the opportunity to promote the range of products in your store, on your website and on social media platforms.


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