Feelif Open Platform is designed for users to do all these things:

1. access and read reach content,

2. express themselves and create new reach content,

3. share content or sell it.

With Feelif teachers can create powerfull lesons and share them with students. Students can write homework and send it to teacher. Everyone can become content creator and share content with friends.

With Feelif teachers can create powerfull lesons and share them with students

Feelif platform is made of these components:

Feelif  (standard tablet + special grid + special app)

Imagine a future where you can feel heart, drawn just for you. Imagine how easy would be to learn about things when you can feel them. Imagine that the future starts now. With our mobile app Feelif Light all this is possible. And much more.
Find your way to express yourself. With Feelif you can do everything you like; You can write, draw, even paint, create music or record your voice. Be creative, let them see, how special you are.

Feelif Desk (free)

Feelif Creator for sighted people.

Enrich life of blind and visually impaired people with your creations. Everyone can do it. Our Feelif desk is free to use and perfect for teachers who wants to offer something more to their students. Have some fun and enrich your lessons with Feelif.

Feelif Play

Content store for upload and download of free and premium content.

In this web page, with friendly environment, you will find everything ever created with Feelif. On Feelif Play you can not only see and buy content, which will amaze you, but you can also share or sell content you created. Feelif play is more than content store. It is the way of life.